Backswimmer Aquatic Insect Live Pet Freshwater amphipod buy Hyalella azteca
Dragonfly NaiadFreshwater Amphipods

Immature, aquatic dragonfly (larva)

10 count culture of freshwater amphipods.



Giant Scavenger water beetle marimo moss ball buy
Giant Water Scavenger BeetleMarimo Moss Ball

Hydrophilus sp. water scavenger beetles.

1/2 inch aquatic algae formed into very pretty balls that are super easy to care for and look very nice in aquatic tanks.



Ranatra pet Waterscorpion Lethocerus giant water bug
Ranatra WaterscorpionLethocerus Giant Water Bugs

Ranatra waterscorpions are like underwater assassins.

Lethocerus genus water bugs are the largest in the US. They call these toe-biters for good reason! (Summertime)




Ferocious (giant) Waterbug Abedus species Hellgrammite from Dobsonfly or Fishfly
Ferocious Water Abedus sp.Hellgrammite

Ferocious Waterbugs eat live prey.

Hellgrammite from Dobsonfly.



Planarians Aquatic Tiger Flatworms Triops cancriformis
Planarians- Aquatic Tiger FlatwormsTriops cancriformis Aquatic Pet

Planarians- Aquatic Tiger Flatworms

Triops cancriformis--oldest known species of any animal. 20 pack of eggs.