American Millipede Medley

This product listing is for the following group of three species: one smoky oak Narceus gordanus millipede, one bumblebee millipede, and one ivory millipede. All of these species live in the USA, but should not be released into the wild. They are offered here at a discounted rate. These millipedes are sold unsexed. They can be kept together in the same cage and will feed on bits of fruit, veggies and dried pet food. However, their primary diet is a decomposing leaf and wood substrate mix (see related product below). All specimens shipped are at least 1/3 their ultimate size and usually larger than that, on average. In the case that one of these three happens to be out of stock, something else will ship in its place.

Note that the photo does not necessarily always match the species that are mentioned as currently available in the text above.


Millipede Pet buy American live
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