8 oz Insect Deli Cups

These 8 oz cups are our middle size option for insect deli cups. They measure 1.75 inches tall and are 4.5 inches in diameter across the opening/lid. This makes them perfect for housing younger tarantulas, cockroaches and other pets of similar size. The cups are clear. Neither cups nor the transparent lids have holes but holes can be punched in easily with a thumbtack.

Very popular for use as shipping or collecting containers too.

Available in packs of 5 for $3. Orders of more than 15 cups may require additional shipping payment. Please contact me with your ZIP code for a quote.

Can only ship with priority mail orders. If you order this with express mail it will be cancelled and refunded as it probably can't fit in the small insect shipping box.

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Price $3.00

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