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    While pictures typically represent the adult version of a species, most items for sale are shipped as nymphs, spiderlings, or various other immature stages of the available species with plenty of life to go. Sizes are noted on the website where applicable. Some care sheets are available here.

    By ordering through this website you agree to our Shipping & Delivery Terms, below.

    Each customer is required to put a little checkmark in the box as they are going through checkout which states their agreement that they have read this Terms and Conditions page, especially with respect to live arrival guarantees.

    A $12 minimum order is required. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

    Finally, please respect our choice to maintain product listings as visible on the shopping cart, even while they are out of stock. We leave out of stock products up as a service to our customers who may not even realize that some things are seasonal and worth waiting for (and knowing there is a place to get them someday). We take great pride in making the impossible possible, with respect to native species.

  • Shipping & Delivery
  • You're considering buying a live animal and having it shipped in a box. READ ALL OF THIS!!! Yeah, I know it's obnoxiously long but this protects the animals and you and me. You will be required to check a little box as you go through checkout that states that you have read and agreed to all of this fine print, so you might as well grab yourself a tasty little beverage, kick back and read the science I have made of getting your order to you in pristine condition. ships merchandise to locations within the United States ONLY, excluding Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

    When does my order ship, you ask?

    Shipping Schedule: We tend to ship on the business day following the placement of your order, but "weekend" orders may stack up and require 2 days to ship out as we cannot box up live items with heat or cold packs until essentially the morning of shipment. This means that Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday orders all ship on Mondays or Tuesdays, in order of being placed and/or with respect to one day being better in terms of weather here or (more usually) there.

    Important note: Substrate products ship by (slower) priority mail due to weight and this is regardless of whether you ordered these products in conjunction with an express mail shipment of live bugs. In these cases you will receive two boxes and not necessarily on the same day.


    Now, you have two (main) shipping options as you go through the shopping cart. One good one (Express) and one mediocre one (Priority mail). Please make your decision carefully and note the terms below. Once I ship, it's in the post office's hands!

    Express Mail (the post office recently renamed this "Priority Mail Express"): This shipping selection is Required for my "Live Arrival Guarantee" (LAG) for all tarantulas and all millipedes in all weather (and isopods in temperatures above 83 degrees). Other arachnids (spiders, scorpions and allies) and centipedes should go this way too.

    Cost is $27.

    While Express Mail is an overnight service arriving the day after we ship (see shipping schedule, above), some destinations do take 2 days. This is more likely if you do not live in a major metropolitan area, or near a major airport. We ship Express mail on Mondays through Thursdays. We do sometimes ship on other days, and we may consider your requests for alternate shipping days if you contact us with enough advanced notice.

    Express Mail REQUIRES a signature, by default. You MUST sign for the package on the first delivery attempt. That is the whole point of express mail and my live guarantee--to get the bugs out of the box ASAP. If you want me to waive this signature requirement, please send me a separate email with this request. Don't write notes in PayPal. I won't see them. Please note that waiving the signature does disqualify my live arrival guarantee unless I've specifically pre-approved the situation with you prior to shipping.

    **Please select Express Mail ($27) for ALL livestock. We only guarantee live arrival on items shipped via Express Mail (with the exception of the items listed below for Priority Mail).

    Priority Mail (a 2 to 3 day service):

    Cost is $12.

    We do ship and guarantee live arrival with cheaper Priority Mail via the US Postal Service ($12) for mantises and cockroaches and some beetles and (ONLY) when your weather is 34 or warmer the night before delivery (when the plane offloads the packages) and/or 83 degrees or below on the delivery day.  ALL other animals require express mail to validate our live arrival guarantee. If your forecast  is outside of 34 to 83 degrees, please choose express mail or the shipment will not be guaranteed to arrive alive! If you would like to request consideration for live guarantee with priority mail outside the first sentence in this paragraph, you must contact us with your individual request and we will (very happily) consider it. Otherwise, we will assume you have read our terms and conditions page with regards to delivery of live bugs and have either chosen express mail (with live arrival guarantee) or priority mail (at your own risk). When in doubt, choose EXPRESS! We assume that you have read all this and calculated your risk based on personal reasons. Our volume of orders does not allow us to contact every customer that decides to take a risk with 30 or 86 degree weather to save a few bucks. Just remember that water freezes at 32 degrees and that a box left in the sun or in a mailbox (AKA "bug oven") on a hot day is like a car with the windows rolled up! I have to have these rules because I'm not there to watch where the carrier places your package or how long you leave it exposed to the elements after arrival before going outside to bring it in.

    Priority mail is shipped Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to the East Coast, and Monday through Wednesday and sometimes Thursdays to the western half of the US. We are based in Oregon. Orders placed by priority mail on Thursday through Sunday do not ship until the following Monday or Tuesday unless it is a holiday week (see below).

    Priority Mail does NOT require a signature upon delivery, but still has a tracking number. Please bring your box in out of the elements ASAP upon arrival and contact us on the DAY OF arrival if there are any concerns.

    Tracking #'s: Express and Priority Mail tracking numbers are sent via email when we close your order out on the shopping cart software, usually within an hour of our dropping it off at the post office (i.e. by 6PM, Pacific Time). Check your spam/junk folder for an update from our shopping cart if you think you've missed it. When we close your order the email is sent out automatically to your "on file" email address. 

  • International
  • We do not import or export. Sorry, but US sales only! Please do not contact us with requests to ship to anywhere outside the USA.