Buy Tarantula Haitian Brown Phormictopus cancerides spider biobubble deco cube buy terrarium cage
Haitian Brown TarantulaPet Tarantula Spider Deco Cube Habitat

Phormictopus canderides with 2 inch legspans

NEW! A beautiful 5.5” x 5.5” x 5.5" tank, perfect for most of the pet spiders or young tarantulas we sell on this site.




Texas brown tarantula Aphonopelma hentzi buy Chilobrachys fimbriatus Indian violet buy tarantula
Aphonopelma hentziChilobrachys fimbriatus

Texas Brown Tarantula at 1/4 inch.

The Indian Violet Tarantula, 1/4 of an inch spiderlings. Very pretty as adults!