Stag Beetle Larva

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These larvae are being sold under special terms of sale at $15 each, unsexed, as follows. These are wild collected larvae and we do not know exactly what species of Lucanus they are (hence the very low price). They could be Lucanus elaphus (lucky you) or Lucanus capreolus (not too shabby!). Less likely they could be Lucanus placidus. Larvae are difficult to identify. They could even be some kind of scarab but they look decidedly stag-like in our eyes. All three species mentioned above are beautiful US stag beetles and the collector on these told me most adults he encounters in his area are L. elaphus. I simply expand the possibility of them being something else in case a few are not and to avoid disappointment if they turn out to be a different native Lucanus species when they mature out. 

Here is a link to photos of these three species on Bugguide.Net.

The photo on this page is of a dried ADULT male specimen of L. elaphus with its wings spread, while the larvae (immature, grub-like stages) that are for sale are mostly L1 (first instar of 3 growing larval instars).

The larvae feed on decaying wood from hardwood trees like oak, beech, alder, maple, ash, etc. They will ship in a small amount of substrate that could sustain them for a month, but you really should have a plan for acquiring the suitable wood before getting them and enough of it to provide a habitat suitable for pupation. I do offer hardwood beetle substrate products in the related items section, below.

Native stag beetles are rarely offered in the US hobby. I highly recommend the book in the related products section below to anybody investing in keeping these larvae. If you write to me and ask for care information, please don't be surprised if I choose to send you a link for the book rather than plagiarize my good friend's (the author) work. Nor would I have time to re-write his book through the context of an email.

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