Small Feeder Bugs

bright orange sow bug isopod for sale buy blue bottle fly pupae
Bright Orange Sow BugsBulk Blue Bottle Fly Pupae

These colorful isopod sow bugs are excellent tank cleaners and food for some amphibians, etc.

50 large blue bottle flies (pupae that hatch in a couple days).




Jungle Micropods White micropods Trichorhina tomentosa isopods
Dwarf Purple IsopodsDwarf White Isopods (20 count)

Often called Costa Rican Purple or dwarf isopods in the Amphibian feeder hobby. A non-burrowing dwarf species. 30 for $10.

Trichorhina tomentosa are very popular additions to amphibian tanks. 




Freshwater amphipod buy Hyalella azteca springtail feeder insect photo image
Freshwater AmphipodsGiant Springtail Feeder Insects (50 Count)

10 count culture of freshwater amphipods.

Great feeders for those animal pets requiring foods slightly smaller than than fruit flies. Also, these clean up mold in tanks by providing janitorial duties. (by request)



Green Banana Roach Panchlora nivea Buy Insect Net
Green Banana RoachesInsect Collecting Net

Panchlora nivea. Small nymphs available (dozen nymphs $10). Okay for shipping to Florida.

A low cost but effective butterfly net for catching various insects. 




buy little Kenyan roach Blaberidae cockroach buy live mealworm
Little Kenyans (dozen)Mealworms

A very small species gaining popularity as a feeder. Dozen mixed size nymphs for $7.

Inch long larvae of the popular feeders. 50 count for $3




Phoetalia pallida Pallid Roach Pill Bugs Armadillidium vulgare and A. nasatum isopods
Phoetalia pallidaPill Bugs Armadillidium spp. (15 count)

Pallid roaches are very active climbers. 12 for $12, mixed sized nymphs.

AKA roly-poly bugs, potato bugs, isopods, woodlice, Armadillidium



Repashy Hydro-load cricket drink water crystal replacement gel Repashy Superfoods Bug Burger Insect food feeder dry mix
Repashy Hydro Load 3 oz.Repashy Superfoods Bug Burger

New!  A must for culturing large numbers of feeder insects. Fortified with magnesium and calcium, this product eliminates the need for standing water. Makes 15 cups!

New!  A complete diet for Crickets, Roaches, and other Insects.



Repashy SuperLoad super load feeder gutload calcium food Repti Calcium buy feeder insect roach cricket
Repashy SuperLoad 3 oz.Reptile Calcium Powder

New!  Super concentrated gutloading formula increases nutritional value of feeder insects. Contains Calcium, trace elements,vitamins,carotenoids and other minerals. Requires no mixing.

Calcium powder for dusting feeders. Without D3.



sow bugs gray Porcellio scaber springtail feeder insect photo image
Sow Bugs Gray Porcellio (15 ct.)Springtails Feeder Insects (50 Count)

Sow Bugs Gray Porcellio scaber, sold in a group of 15 for $6.

Springtails are great feeders for those animal pets requiring foods smaller than fruit flies. They also perform cleaning duties.




Turkistan feeder Roach buy
Turkistan Roaches 25 count

The "cricket replacement" feeder roach. Mixed size small nymphs available in a group of 25 for $10.