Brachycybe millipede buy Mardonius parilis acuticonus buy live
Feather MillipedesMardonius parilis acuticonus

Brachycybe- click for video.

Big black millipedes from Cameroon.




pet millipede substrate Oregon Tylobolus uncigerus buy
Millipede SubstrateOregon Tylobolus Millipede

Four different substrate options tailored to match the needs of your pet millipede. Free Shipping.

Tylobolus uncigerus- click for video.



Orthoporus ornatus desert millipede gold Albino Narceus millipede
Orthoporus "Gold" Desert Millipede 4"Albino Narceus

Orthoporus sp. "Gold" phase. Click the product to see video of this large species.

Albino millipedes at 1.5 inches




Millipede Pet buy American Anadenobolus monilicornis Bumblebee Millipede
American Millipede MedleyBumblebee Millipede

New hobbyist? Get 4 species of US millipedes at a discounted group rate!

Anadenobolus monilicornis. Black and yellow striped millipede.




Euryurus leachii leach's train colored millipede live pet for sale Chicobolus spinigerus Ivory Millipede photo
Euryurus colored train millipedeFlorida Ivory Millipede

Colorful flat millipedes that reach 3 cm long as adults.

Chicobolus spinigerus



Giant Glossy Black Pinkleg Millipede Macrolenostreptus brachycerus Earthworm Millipede
Giant Glossy Black Pinkleg MillipedeTanzanian Earthworm Millipede

Possibly the best display species (rarely available) in the hobby!

Macrolenostreptus brachycerus have a pearlescent sheen.



Narceus americanus photo image Narceus gordanus the Largest North American millipede
Narceus americanusNarceus gordanus

Narceus americanus is the most familiar native US millipede. 3 to 4 inch specimens available now.

The thickest NA millipede. Current specimens measure 3 inches and the "yellow" form.



Trigoniulus corallinus Scarlet Millipede Orthoporus ornatus desert millipede
Scarlet MillipedeSonoran Desert Millipedes

Trigoniulus corallinus Scarlet Millipede

Orthoporus ornatus Sonoran Desert millipedes measuring around 4 inches!




Spirostreptus sp. globular Millipede Thai Rainbow live pet millipede photo
Spirostreptus sp. 1Thai Rainbow millipedes

Spirostreptus sp. #1 coils into a globular shape and is one of the longest species in the hobby.

Hardy, very popular millipedes.