Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis

Deroplatys lobata dead leaf mantises are legendary dead leaf mimics. Motionless and waiting for prey, their closed brown wings are complete with the same vein structure as a dried, dead leaf. As the photo above shows they are able to come to life in startling, colorful display when threatened.

Note: Main photo on page is of an adult female Deroplatys lobata. A young nymph is also pictured.

L2/L3 nymphs available (have shed their skin twice) for $14 each.

Please review my care sheet links at the top of the page. These mantises are larger than most species in the early instars and capable even of taking down house flies and small crickets though fruit flies still work for them through the next molt or two.

Deroplatys lobata dead leaf mantis desiccata
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