Hermit Beetle Larva

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The Hermit Beetle, Osmoderma eremicola, is sometimes also called the Russian leather beetle. It is one of the largest US flower scarabs.

Please note that the photo on this page is of the adult beetle which measure nearly an inch long. Larvae actually get a bit longer than that before they pupate and become adults. Currently available as L2 larvae (they grow through L3...the third instar, before pupating and becoming adults).

This listing is for 5 larvae. Larvae are the immature stage of the beetle (kind of like the caterpillar to the butterfly). They feed on decaying wood and to a lesser extent, leaves. Please see the beetle substrate options in the related items section below. The substrate is both their food and their home within a home. A deco cube cage with the appropriate substrate is also offered.

These larvae are communal and can be kept together.

Later, adults are happy feeding on jellies or sugary liquids or bits of apple or pear.



Hermit beetle pet
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