Green Caterpillar Hunter Beetle Adults

These green caterpillar hunter adults are one of the largest beetles in the US. They are very active and predatory. In addition to small, soft-bodied prey in the natural diet they will scavenge pre-killed prey (like crickets) in captivity. Cut in half mealworms are also taken. They seem to show an interest in fruits, though perhaps just in sucking out moisture. They also seem to nibble on dog/cat/fish foods.

They are hardy, long-lived and easy to care for. They should be offered a slightly moist substrate of at least two inches. They are not terribly prone to drying out, but exposure to dryness over the period of weeks or months may shorten or end their lives.

$9 each.

 (might get in another species or two of Calosoma the third week of April!)




Caterpillar hunter beetle Calosoma scrutator
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