Giant Springtails Feeder Insects

Giant springtails are great feeders for those pets requiring foods smaller than fruit flies but larger than normal sized springtails. They are also commonly ordered for their janitorial or clean-up crew abilities. They feed primarily on bits of mold that develop in all cages with soil-based substrates. Even though you may not see mold in your tanks, spores are constantly floating around homes and live on our bodies. Springtails help to keep it from expanding in our tanks by feeding on it. 

This particular species is the most prolific arthropod I've ever worked with, besides fruit flies. They reproduce more slowly in my cold, unheated garage tanks, but they love it on the rack above the lamps on our bearded dragon tanks. And they do fine in all temperatures in between.

We offer them here in starter cultures of 30+ individuals. These begin reproducing immediately and prolifically! We don't really count them and no doubt miss lots of small ones hiding in your order. Immatures of this species are tiny but grow to a size near the length, but probably half the mass, of the familiar D. melanogaster fruit flies. They are neither shipped nor raised in charcoal (a common question), nor do we raise amphibians of any kind that might be harboring harmful fungi. We raise them on a variety of organic substrates that may include compost soil, coconut fiber, and crushed dried leaves. We typically ship them with a bit of substrate and sphagnum moss with a little bit of moistened paper towel. 

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