Fruit Fly Culture Turkish Gliders

More information is available on my Fruit Fly Culture Care Sheet.

We offer 2 different culture sizes (a large container vs. a small container) of these Drosophila melanogaster "Turkish Glider" fruit fly cultures, and in the dropdown menu below you must choose your size. The medium culture (black "shaker" lid) is $7.00. The larger 32 oz. culture is $16.00 since it requires a larger box and shipping cost is partially built into the product cost.

In all cases it is recommended you never feed all your flies off. Always leave a few in the container so they can continue to lay eggs, thereby generating more flies!

What you might want to know...

The medium sized culture is more suitable if you have 0 to 5 young praying mantises. In the 6 or so weeks that it produces flies it will make upwards of 300 of them. The larger culture we offer is in the conventional 32 ounce cup and is usually overkill for anybody feeding small numbers of mantises or other predatory pets as it will produce about a thousand flies (an unnecessary number of wasted lives in my opinion).

This listing is for "flightless" Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies of the Turkish Glider variety. While they have wings they cannot fly. They do sort of hop around a lot which results in a higher degree of them getting noticed by their predators.

We use only Repashy Superfly (see related products below) as the food media for these cultures. This brand is chock full of nutrients and micro-nutrients, and accepted overwhelmingly for producing highly nutritious flies, whether your pet is a dart frog, praying mantis, etc.

We create new cultures each week, dropping in about 30 to 70 live flies depending on culture size. Often there will be some small larvae winding their way through the media on arrival. The life cycle only takes about a week to produce new adult flies. We ship the cultures slightly on the dry side to help prevent spillage during shipping. However, we do not guarantee that your mail carrier or one of the dozens of hands that the box passes through between here and there won't hold it upside down. Even if this happens, it doesn't typicallly kill the flies (or especially the larvae in the substrate) and you can set the culture on its end and tap the media back down if necessary.

Upon arrival, it is recommended that you add a little bit of water to rehydrate the media at the bottom. More may be necessary if your culture appears dry. When the right amount of water has been absorbed by the media, the mixture should move slowly like molasses when the container is held at an angle. Not too thick, and just barrrely runny. Add the water just a bit at a time and let it sit for a while.

The smaller cultures are new to the hobby in 2015 and look much like parmesan cheese dispensers. They have the poly fiber lid for ventilation and a really convenient mechanism for easy opening and closing. The larger cultures can be a little trickier to work with because a hundred flies might be trying to escape while you're putting the lid back on, or blinking too long. It is best to tap the culture with your hand to knock them down before you open either culture.

More information is available on my Fruit Fly Culture Care Sheet.

Drosophila hydei flightless fruit flies
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