Florida Whipspider

(Discounted, Imperfect specimens only at this time. This means they are either have a single leg that is broken or a single whip. These regenerate to some extent through subsequent molts.)

These elusive arachnids are neither spider, nor scorpion. Whipspiders rely on vibration and touch to perceive the world around them. Two legs have evolved into "feelers". These antennae-like structures detect prey. Like scorpions, they have two claw-like appendages for grasping live prey.

Small (not nearly babies) to medium specimens available.

Truly one of the most unusual bugs, and they're non-venomous.

The Phrynus marginemaculatus Florida Whipspider is known for being the easiest species to breed in the hobby, partly because they are very communal (can be kept together in the same tank with a low incidence of cannibalism).

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