Desert Beetle Glow Kit

A Glow in the Dark mini terrarium for your small desert pets. This one is great by day and ever better by night! It's a fun twist on a nightlight.

The photos show the tank under normal light, and also in complete darkness (green glow), and finally under UV/Blacklight (purple glow). All elements visible in the glass globe photos on this page glow. They charge up under normal light or UV light very quickly. We sell UV/blacklight flashlights in the links below if you want to see all the colors like in the photos. Also, in case you're wondering those are blue death feigning beetles in the photos. One is upside-down playing dead, one is hiding and the other is smiling its prettiest little buggy smile!

Your purchase includes the following items (live pet bugs are sold separately on this website, but ship together with the cage). Please note there are a lot of small pieces included in this kit and these could be choking hazards for small children.

• Small glass globe terrarium, 3.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide
• Glow Sand (bits within it light up like stars in the night sky)
• Small assortment of polished rocks to either bury under the sand and/or to place above the sand as decorations. We recommend burying them under the sand as was done for the photos on this page. They raise the level of the sand. These do not glow as they are not meant to be seen.
• Glow in the dark mushroom. These glow very brightly and take a long time to fade out. From their light alone the insects in the tank are visible in total darkness.
• Glow in the dark cholla cactus wood section (made of resin)
• Small food dish (cap) that can be set into the tank with food for the beetles and then removed.

There are two shipping options for this kit which is heavier and a bit more expensive to ship than just bugs by themselves without a cage. So, In either case you will need to choose a shipping type from the drop down menu. Instructions are as follows:

1. If you want it shipped by Priority Mail you must select the Priority Mail (no extra cost) in the dropdown menu below, and THEN when you go through checkout, select the $10 Priority Mail option.

2. Or, if you want it shipped by express mail you must select the "Express Mail" option at $10 extra in the dropdown menu below. And THEN when you go through checkout, select the $27 Express Mail option. (Because shipping this in a 2 pound box will cost about $37.)
Pet Beetle Glow Tank Cage
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