Our habitat kits are complete systems for properly and beautifully maintaining your unique pet bugs. These kits weigh much more than the bugs we keep in them. As such, there are small shipping surcharges (extra fees) for shipping them above and beyond the normal cost of priority or express mail shipments of pet bugs. This is explained in detail on the ordering pages.

Further, if you want more than one kit please Contact Us to ask for pricing on multiple kits shipped together.

mantis pet cage tank buy habitat pet Pet Beetle Glow Tank Cage
Complete Mantis Habitat KitDesert Beetle Glow Kit

Everything you need to raise your young mantis pet for the first 3 to 4 months of its life. (does not include the mantis)

NEW! 3.5 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide globe tank with Glow in the Dark sand and decorations. A buggy nightlight for your kids...or the kid in you!




pet millipede tank cage buy pet cockroach cage tank buy
Complete Millipede Habitat KitComplete Pet Cockroach Habitat Kit

Complete with a cage option, the right substrate and a hide (half log) that can be half-buried into the substrate to create a potential shelter for your pet.

Everything your pet cockroaches need for a happy home!




pet blue beetle tank cage buy pet isopod tank cage buy pill sow bug
Complete Desert Beetle Habitat KitComplete Isopod Habitat Kit

A great starter kit for Death Feigning Beetles, Darklings and other desert beetles.

The right tank and the right substrate for your pet pill bugs and sow bugs and other isopods, as well as springtails.




aquatic insect buy tank pet scorpion tank cage buy
Small Aquatic TankComplete Pet Scorpion Habitat Kit

A five inch high hexagonal tank for aquatic or terrestrial pets with a slightly ventilated lid.

All the essentials for a pet scorpion or whipscorpion (vinegaroon) habitat.



pet centipede tank cage buy
Complete Pet Centipede Habitat Kit

All the essentials for your pet centipede's home.