Charcoal Water Springtails

Springtails are very small arthropods. Only the very smallest animals will even notice these as they have a mass that is just a fraction of that of a D. melanogaster fruit fly. They are popularly utilized as cage cleaners and grow 1 to 2 mm long at full size. They are popular as both feeders for very small predatory pets and for their help in controlling mold--their primary food in moist tanks.

Sold in starter cultures of 30+ individuals.

This listing is for a species that grows very well in proximity to water. Like other springtails they can jump, but these ones are slower moving in general and thrive in very moist conditions. We raise them in charcoal and water and dust their habitat slightly with brewer's yeast which molds in moist conditions, providing their favorite food. They ship in ship in small vials of moist charcoal and reproduce very quickly in moist tanks. 

Note: species in photo doesn't necessarily reflect the various species we keep and sell through this listing.

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