Charcoal Springtails Media

This product consists of chunks of charcoal that are suitably sized for raising springtails on. This is the organic charcoal, not the kind you using on a barbeque. Common practice is to put some of this in a deli cup or other plastic container and then add water to the bottom of the container. Then add your springtails and then a sprinkle of their food (usually yeast, like brewer's yeast). This makes for sterile media where you can easily distinguish your white springtails. Note: charcoal is only an effective medium for water springtails. 

I ship a sandwich bag with just under half a pound of charcoal in it. This kind of charcoal is somewhat hard to find and then when you do find it you have to hammer it into smaller chunks. It's dirty work, but we still hold the cost down for this product that we buy and then process for you.

It's also a great bottom layer for small cages in terms of drainage.

Springtails charcoal horticultural media
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