Bulk Blue Bottle Fly Pupae

If blue bottle flies are the only live thing in your shipment they can ship by priority mail under the cheaper "non-living" shipping option, but only IF your weather on the day of delivery is 85 degrees or below. Otherwise there is NO guarantee.

Be advised, in summer months it is possible the pupae will hatch on the way. You can place both pupae and adult flies in the refrigerator to extend their lives. Pupae should be removed every day or so for an hour to help them continue to develop.

While the photo is of house fly pupae around the coin, this listing is for larger blue bottle fly pupae. Blue bottle flies are great feeders for many things, especially larger mantis nymphs and adults which may be less interested in crawling foods. They arrive in the convenient life stage (pupae...sort of like cocoons) in the photo above and then hatch out as adult flies usually within a few days unless you place them in the refrigerator.

Simple to use. Just add as many pupae to your pet's enclosure as you wish.

$3.50 for 50 pupae.

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