Blue Death feigning beetle Asbolus verrucosus Pasimachus Christmas warrior beetle buy
Blue Death Feigning BeetleChristmas Warrior Beetle

Asbolus verrucosus are great insect pets for beginners.

Pasimachus viridans warrior beetles are the prettiest of our 11 domestic species of warrior beetles. Never before available!




pet blue beetle tank cage buy Phanaeus dung beetle buy
Complete Desert Beetle Habitat KitPhanaeus Rainbow Dung Beetles

A great starter kit for Death Feigning Beetles, Darklings and other desert beetles.

Beautiful Rainbow dung beetles. Click to see info and quantity pricing discounts as low at $5.75 each.




beetle jelly photo image Buy Pet Darkling Beetles
Beetle Jelly 6 packsDesert Beetle Sampler

Jelly food product for beetles and roaches. No mold, no spoilage, no smell!

Can't decide? Get one of each! 




Dynastes tityus rhino beetle pet pet beetle substrate
Dynastes tityus larvaeBeetle Substrate

Dynastes tityus is the Eastern Hercules Beetle from the USA. Captive bred L2 larvae (no adults). 

Five different substrate options tailored to match the needs of your pet beetle.




Bess Beetles Odontotaenius disjunctus AKA Horned Passalus Cryptoglossa variolosa Black Death Feigning Beetle
Bess BeetlesBlack Death Feigning Beetle

Odontotaenius disjunctus, AKA Horned Passalus or Patent Leather Beetle.

Click to see video of Cryptoglossa variolosa.




buy live dermestid beetles taxidermy Giant Scavenger water beetle
Dermestid Beetles TaxidermyGiant Water Scavenger Beetle

Dermestes ater 20 count mix of adults and larvae. Great for taxidermy and cleaning up dead feeder insects in pet tanks.

Hydrophilus sp. water scavenger beetles. (back later this week)




buy live amblycheila cylindriformis tiger beetle pet Eleodes suturalis darkling beetle
Great Plains Giant Tiger BeetleRed-stripe Darkling Beetle

Amblycheila cylindriformis Largest US Tiger Beetle genus!

A beautiful, large black darkling beetle with a longitudinal red stripe down its abdomen.




buy live stag beetle Lucanus
Elephant Stag Beetle Female

Lucanus elephus is the largest stag beetle in the US. This lising is for female beetles only.